Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs In World

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Pets are our best friends, every person in world love their pets very much. Sometimes they eat together, sleep together, and go for walks together. Many people like dogs because of loyalty and security advantages, some dogs are cute and small but some are big and dangerous. Here is the list of ten most dangerous dogs on earth.

At Number 10


(Weight: 40-70 lbs.)

Origin: Balkans, India, Middle Ages
Height: 20-24 inches



At Number 9


Weight (6.8kg-13kg)

Origin: Germany



At Number 8


(Weight: 50-70 lbs.)

Origin: Germany, 1850-ies
Height: 20-25 inches



At Number 7

Presa Canario

( Weight: 80-115 lbs.)

Origin:Canary Islands, Africa
Height: 25-26 inches



At Number 6

Saint Bernard

Origin: Switzerland, Middle Ages
Weight: 110-180 lbs
Height: 24-29 inches


At Number 5

Chow Chow

(Weight: 50-70 lbs.)

Origin: China, antiquity
Height: 18-22 inches


At Number 4

Doberman Pinschers

(Weight: 65-90 lbs.)

Origin: Germany, XIX century
Height: 26-28 inches


At Number 3


(Weight: 100-130 lbs.)

Origin: Germany, 1820-ies
Height: 23-27 inches


At Number 2

German Shepherds

(Weight: 70-100 lbs.)

Origin: Germany, XIX century
Height: 22-26 inches


At Number 1

Pit Bulls

(Weight: 55-65 lbs.)

Origin: US, XIX century
Height: 18-22 inches